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Geoffrey Kevin "Geoff" Welsh
25 October 1955 - 29 September 2014
It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Geoffrey Kevin Welsh who passed away peacefully on 29 September 2014
Condolences  (2 of 2)
Sarah Taylor (Friend)

I can't believe what has happened. The last time I saw the lovely Geoffers was at a band rehearsal a couple of years ago…kept meaning to pop down when the boys got together and Nigel kept me informed of gigs but I didn't manage to get to see them play once I'd left. I'm so so sorry for your loss, for all of our loss, taken far too soon.

Geoff was such a wonderful man, a giggler & cheeky monkey with the boys in the band - I loved them all to pieces. They made me chuckle and looked after me, as the only girlie! Will always remember the fun we had together, Geoff being really strict in a loving and gentle way about us not playing any new number at a gig until it was, in his opinion, perfect…and it took a while to reach his high standards!! ;-)

The stories they all told of millions of years of gigging (seriously, so so many stories, I don't even know where to begin! And the other boys would be far better at telling them) were hilarious and the outfits worn over the years were in a word, special!! ;-)

Geoff was a wonderful lead guitarist, a real talent - he had such an ear for it all and would work so hard to perfect his part in the band. Great at following me whenever I randomly went off on one "making it up"! Could always rely on him to keep us all together, whatever I threw at them!!

He will be sadly missed by so many and I feel privileged to have been able to call him my friend. And one of "my boys".

Only the good are taken too soon - I believe that he's off entertaining the crowds in heaven somewhere, playing in the best band with the best guitar with a lead singer who doesn't mess up all the time ;-) I hope I'm right.

I'm getting married on Friday next week so with all the organisation the day before, I think I am going to really struggle to get to the funeral. I hope you all, and Geoff, will forgive me for that if I don't get there. I will absolutely be thinking of you all. Really hope that there will be an opportunity for us to get together and remember Geoff again at a later date.

RIP lovely Geoff xxx
John Twigg (Friend)
So many stories to tell, I first met Geoff in 1988, Brian Bell was carrying out repairs to my then house in Cheadle Heath, Stockport. Brian viewed my then guitar 'resting' in my back bedroom."Do a bit then" Brian asked? Pardon? "I see you have a guitar, do you play""? sort of, it hadn't been out of its case for 6 months anyway one thing leads to another, and Brian informs me we have a bit of a sing song on a Friday night at the George in Hazel Grove come down if your not doing anything.

I arrived about 7:30pm go up stairs and was greeted by this cacophony of noise 13 guys all with electric guitars, playing all sorts of various tunes (I think), anyway I see Brian in the corner with this guy a Hofner Galaxy hung around his shoulders, it had more switches and knobs than the local power station control room, he introduces me "This is Geoff the guy I was telling you about" "Hiya I'm John"

So began a friendship, for 17 years he was a very important influence in my life especially his musical talent, I have been playing since 1954, but buy 'eck he taught me so much, as Sarah tells, perfection was the order of the day, no nearly for Geoff.

I saw Geoff at the Hospice a couple of weeks ago, it broke my heart to see him, but I will always remember the fantastic times spent, rehearsing, and on the road, from Castles in Cumbria, Working mens clubs in Yorkshire, Liverpool Football Club, Pubs and clubs all over Manchester, we never lost a night we played, encores galore every time.

I shall miss you Geoff along with many others, but as we always greeted each other with "Now then" good night my mate God Bless xxx
Life Stories  (2 of 2)
Nigel Clark (Friend)
"Olympic Worms"
When my daughters were both too young to remember the names of the members of our band, I used to just describe each musician (and I use the term loosely) very simply so that they could understand who was who when I was telling them about our sonic adventures. Geoff's nickname was "Olympic Worms" to my daughters because, when they came to watch us rehearse, when Geoff played his guitar I would say "Look at those fingers!. They're like olympic worms".
Over the years, as the groups line-up changed, there has been the 'gobby one', the 'bad tempered one', the 'one who can never remember the words', the 'one who can never remember the chords', and the 'one who sits at the back and hits things and hopes for the best'! You get the idea.
Geoff was always the cornerstone of the band and, as well as being a virtuoso guitarist and hard working arranger, he was also our quality control supervisor making sure that we were well rehearsed and only showcased songs that were up to his exacting standards. But to me and my family Geoff will always be "Olympic Worms".
-Nigel Clark.
Nigel Clark (Friend)
“The Big Softie”
We all knew Geoff as a fairly practical, meticulous and sometimes stubborn individual so, if you ever locked horns with him, you had better be ready for a lengthy debate (and be prepared to lose!) But I remember the first time that I found out that Geoff had a much softer side to him, too.
At a gig one autumnal night many years ago, just after the band had finished playing our first spot and before we had chance to put down our guitars, an elderly gentleman came onto the stage and spoke down the microphone. He announced to the room that it was his golden wedding anniversary and asked if he could sing “Moon River” to his wife who was sat in the audience. We suddenly realised that the gentleman wanted us to strike up the tune immediately so that he could sing along but, it also quickly dawned on us, as most of us exchanged bewildered and panicked glances, that we didn’t have the slightest clue how to play this particular song. This enthusiastic octogenarian began to look crestfallen as the momentary silence that followed also made his loving wife’s countenance fall. Then, like the cavalry coming over the hill, a beautiful arpeggio slowly rang out as Geoff, casually sat on his amplifier, began the instantly recognisable first few bars of this timeless song. It goes without saying that, while Geoff played beautifully as always, the old fella made a right bugger of it. That said, the happy couple both enjoyed it and the whole room was really touched. I recall that even Geoff had a tear in his eye – the big softie!
-Nigel Clark.
Photos  (5 of 12)
Relaxing on holiday in Elounda Crete "Olympic Worms" 'Chezzy' his little furry friend Geoff and the band "Worst Kept Secret". Doing what he loved at the Brookland Tap with the band

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